Outdoor Adventuring

How Elevate Status boasted 784 keywords in the top 5 positions for an outdoor adventures company

Client Background

Our client was a top provider of outdoor adventure tours in their region, from whitewater rafting experiences to mountain expeditions and everythin in between. They offer a variety of tailored packages to provide the ultimate outdoor adventuring experience for their customers. Although our client already had a website when we came onboard, their website wasn't receiving the levels of traffic needed to sustain their business projections. Furthermore, their main competitors were ranking higher for their competitive target keywords.

Client Review

"The Elevate Status team are truly experts at SEO. I noticed that my company wasn't showing up on Google search results, and when it did, it was often listed on the 2nd and 3rd pages. My investment into Elevate Status was worth every penny and even though I'm no technical expert, I can tell that they're extremely well-versed in what they do"

- Owner

The Elevate Status Strategy

On-Page Optimization

Upon analyzing our client's existing website properties, we found that our client's keywords were directing traffic to the homepage and not their relevant landing pages. We also notices that there was only one existing page targeting and capitalizing on keywords and an insufficient internal linking structure to establish contextual relevance. Additionally, their competitors each had multiple inner pages with solid content ranking for keywords whereas our client only had the homepage to rank for those same keywords. In additional to other on-page adjustments, our SEO team optimized the respective technical elements of our client's website and redistributed the inner pages from the homepage equally to better accomodate for user experience and user flow.

Internal Linking Optimization

Our client's inner pages were losing traffic because a majority of the keyword equity was directed to their homepage, and not their relevant landing pages. Our specialists established a brand new internal linking structure and website structure that connected each of the landing pages to ensure that the homepage didn't cannibalize the keyword rankings.

Website Content Targeting

We improved out client's homepage content to highlight the unique advantages our client's adventure packages had when compared to their competitors. Some homepage content was also transferred to their relevant inner pages for better logistical structure, and other web content was reworked to remove content malpractices. We also created additional webpages and web content for our client to provide more contextual support for their new website structure and to better organize user flow.

Link Building

In addition to our on-page and keyword targeting strategies, we also organically built dozens of industry-relevant backlinks from reputable referring domains to supplement our client's versatile backlink profile. Our client's strong backlink profile increased their website authority and traffic flow.

Our Results

800 keywords in the top 5 positions

280% increase in organic traffic

9,521 monthly visitors by month 6

Client Success

Generating traffic from a national audience is tough, especially in a seasoned indsutry with a few well-established competitors. However, our client was determined to generate higher levels of organic traffic necessary to maintain their business model. Our client leveraged Elevate Status SEO to rank nationally for hundreds of relevant keywords and to generate increased levels of organic traffic. By combining a detailed website optimization campaign with keyword and link building strategies, we were able to quickly and professionally scale the online authority of an established outdoor adventures provider.

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