Client Background

Our client was a cutting-edge SaaS AI chatbot company founded in 2017 by a trio of digital experts seeking to help business owners elevate their customer experience with seamless AI technology. For any up-and-coming AI chatbot company, the ultimate goal is capturing more clients with connections and referral capabilities. As with any B2B service provider, referrals go quite a distance in terms of establishing company credibility and securing more clients. Our client wanted to focus on not only increasing their search engine rankings, but increasing their search engine rankings for keywords specifically targeting business owners and executives with purchasing power and intent. Our client soon became convinced that investing in professional SEO services was necessary to capturing larger shares of organic search traffic and to scale their long-term business revenue.

Client Review

"We initially attempted to perform SEO by ourselves, but it was apparent that SEO experts could perform a better job than we. Elevate Status has been an exceptional addition to our team, providing SEO services of the highest caliber. Our team has been extremely impressed with the professionalism of our SEO manager, Daniel, and the results that the Elevate Status team has been consistently delivering."

- Co-Founder, Head of Digital, Social Media, and Marketing

The Elevate Status Strategy

On-Page Optimization

As technical experts themselves who further employed outside counseling in the creation of their website, our client's website was technically proficient. However it was evident that the website design company our client hired had payed little attention to the loading schematics of our client's website, in particular the loading schematics of our client's various interactive, visual, and demonstrative elements, because various larger pages had abhorrently slow loading speeds. In addition to page speed being the predominant issue, there were handfuls of other relatively small issues that our specialists fixed.

Keyword Strategies

Our client's goal as a pioneering B2B AI chatbot company was primarily to reach and impress decision makers and executives within other businesses. Our team researched and carefully selected keywords that reflect the language patterns and search results of business industry professionals, particularly focusing on industry professional with niche-specific curiosity and buying intent. From there, we began optimizing respective technical elements and webpages with our target keywords, and often longer keyphrases. Some pages only required simple technical updates while others required more extensive re-writes. 

68 keywords in the top spot

29% of keywords in the top 5 spots

12,760 cumulative keyword position improvements

Keystone Blogging

Although blogging itself is not a ranking factor, maintaining a high-quality, value-driven blog can hugely impact your overall business performance. Our client had not previously created a blog. To begin, our team developed a blog strategy by combining industry inquiries with introducing the various aspects of our client's service. We then researched and carefully mapped individual keyword strategies for our projected blog posts by intertwining topic-specific keywords with our overarching keyword strategy. We then proceeded to create, maintain, and augment keystone blog articles on our client's website to provide real value to our client's ideal audience, increase our client's website authority and rankings, and convert qualified traffic to the relevant inner pages.

Backlink Building

Our team manually secured dozens of organic backlinks from credible, industry-relevant websites, blogs, and publications. Our laser-focused backlink campaign focused on supplementing our client's backlink profile with value-centric referring domains that were generally prevalent and trusted among industry and business professionals, and on generating qualified leads to our client's relevant demonstration and product pages.

Our Results

11,207 monthly visitors

245% more organic clients

12,760 keyword position improvements

Client Success

Dominating 12,760 cumulative keyword position improvements and closing 245% more organic clients are demonstrable signs that our client is headed down their road towards success. Our client has been overjoyed with the succes they have found with Elevate Status SEO. Our client has, amongst their large influx of new clients, signed two major retailers, two of the top 500 national eCommerce businesses, and five huge B2B clients amongst a wide range of others esteemed clients. With a growing online presence to match their product quality, our client's journey towards dominating the AI chatbot industry has only just begun.

Client Success

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