Streetwear Clothing

How Elevate Status attained a 3,862.91% return on SEO investment for an ecommerce clothing brand

Client Background

It all started in 2017 when four college students decided to drop out of college in pursuit of their collective dream to establish a street-style clothing brand. Over the years, they generated industry traction and recognition with social media, digital ads, influencer marketing, and a promising ambassadorship program - keystone strategies for any up-and-coming fashion brand - but growth was consistently below their expectations. Seeking to diversify their marketing, they turned to Elevate Status SEO.

Client Review

"One of our founders was a social media manager, so we were able to quickly scale our social media presence. I think we later realized why Google search was so important, and that was about when we invested into Elevate Status. Throughout the years that Elevate Status has been managing our SEO, we've all felt that we can rest easy and focus on the other aspects of our business knowing that our SEO is in professional hands. We're nothing short of absolutely pleased with their quality of work. "

- Co-Founder, Executive Manager

The Elevate Status Strategy

Website Audit & Optimization

Our first step was to analyze our client's website, including various on-page elements, technical elements, content-related issues, website performance data, and more. We immediately noticed that our client's website lacked an XML sitemap, boasted abhorrently slow page speeds on select landing pages due to congestion of a multitude of unoptimized factors, contained an insufficient internal linking structure that resulted in user misdirection and uneven ranking distribution, and included multiple unoptimized product pages and pages with unoptimized web content, amongst other issues. Our team immediately took to the task of addressing each identified issue. Our team also dumped 6 low-quality backlinks from toxic domains that were negatively affecting our client's website authority and rankings, along with 11 low-quality backlinks from irrelevant, spammy domains that weren't generating any qualifiable level of traffic for our client.

14% increase in pages per session

37% increase in conversion rates

9% increase in average session duration

22% decrease in average bounce rates

Keyword Mapping & Targeting

Our team researched and carefully selected target keywords and keyword groups based on rankability, buying intent, competitiveness, and a variety of other factors to earn our client the highest possible conversions and return on investment with Elevate Status SEO. Keeping in mind any low-hanging fruit, we also found a dozen or so high-value keyphrases that were not being adequately targeted by our client's competitors, particularly in relation to our client's unique qualities within their niche of streetwear clothing. From there, we began optimizing the content and technical elements of core and product pages of their respective target keywords. Some pages only required simple optimizations like improving the schema and adjusting the webpage copy, whereas other pages required more extensive re-formatting.

Keystone Blogging

Although blogging itself isn't a ranking factor, maintaining a high-quality, value-driven blog can hugely impact your overall business performance. Our client had already begun maintaining a successful and industry-qualified blog, but it was not generating the traffic to meet their lofty demands. In addition to product page and holistic thematic keyword selection and targetting, our team also carefully selected intent-driven individual keyphrases for each of our client's top blog posts and crafted individual keyword strategies by intertwining and mapping individual keyphrases with our holistic target keywords. From there, our team began optimizing and augmenting our client's top blog posts to further drill down on accelerating qualified traffic to their relevant product pages and supplementing their keyword rankings. Our team also further identified suitable industry inquiries and industry trends to thoroughly research. From there, we began creating, optimizing, and maintaining additional high-value blog posts for our client, each designed to provide real value for our client's target audiences and to direct the increasing number of qualified leads to our client's relevant landing pages.

Backlink Building

Backlinks dominate the off-page SEO industry, and are another crucial SEO component behind high-ranking, high-profit businesses. After dumping 17 toxic backlinks of our client's 63 backlinks, our team manually secured dozens of organic backlinks from industry-relevant blogs and publications, each linking to specific anchor keyphrases designed to further supplement our client's increasing keyword rankings. Each of our value-driven backlinks was secured from qualified referring domains, designed to positively impact site authority and rankings, and to generate qualified leads to our client's relevant product pages.

A Compounding E-Commerce Strategy

Dominating national competition is extremely difficult, especially in a competitive industry like ecommerce clothing. However, our client was determined to expand their share of the ecommerce pie, and we were determined to help them do it. Within a year, their website was organically ranking for hundreds of highly competitive keywords they would not have previously dreamed to rank for, and their website traffic continues to grow. By optimizing their website linking and navigational structures, we also dramatically improved their website functionality and user experience, as well as their product conversion rates.

Our Results

90,566 monthly visitors

409% increase in organic traffic

3,862.91% organic ROI

Client Success

You know a clothing brand is accelerating on their path towards success when they are discoverable via page 1 search across a large variety of competitve keywords, and is generating upwards of 1 million annual website visits. Over the course of our SEO campaign, each month yielded stronger and more resolute growth than the last, and our client's online authority has skyrocketed. Our client has been delighted with their ever-expanding online presence, and have since decided to continue investing in Elevate Status SEO while expanding their influencer marketing circles in order to further dominate the industry share and business revenue they deserve.

Client Success

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