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How Elevate Status achieved a $2.5 million annual revenue for an ecommerce jewelry brand.

Client Background

It all started in 2014 when a duo of semi-professional industry co-workers decided to ditch their 9-5's to co-found an ecommerce mens jewelry brand. After ditching third-party ecommerce websites in favor of their own in 2016, our client started scaling their online presence and were immediately hit by the difficulty of breaking through the top SERP spots in the jewelry industry. Our client decided to invest in another SEO campaign with a different SEO company, but were unsatisfied with their growth, and discontinued the campaign after a year. Soon after, our client, having previously attempted an SEO campaign to no avail, reached out to Elevate Status determined to give ecommerce SEO another shot. Our client demonstrated that they were serious about scaling their organic presence to the next level, and we were determined to help them dominate their deserved share of the market.

By the time Elevate Status entered the picture, our client already possessed a sizable online presence and business revenue. However, their business metrics and projected growth trends were unsatisfactory in meeting their ambitious goals. Their goal, like any other ambitious business, was to accelerate their growth, customer base, and revenue stream, and they made no mistake investing in our technical expertise to help dominate those goals.

Client Review

"On Elevate Status, we are saving signifigant costs for better benefits compared to our previous SEO provider. More importantly, Elevate Status provides an extremely agile and transparent and comfortable work environment. It almost feels like we have an in-house SEO team working just for us. Both our personal campaign manager Daniel, and the Elevate Status team as a whole are extremely proactive and reactive, and truly want to help us scale our business forward and upwards.

Elevate Status also provided us with extremely helpful recommendation reports and an amazing campaign tracking platform to communicate how our business is doing and any new implementations we should undertake to expand our digital footprint in the right directions. Since switching to Elevate Status, we have experienced a 3,252% ROI, an 80% increase in organic traffic, and levels of revenue growth far beyond our projected metrics at the time. Our experience with Elevate Status has been absolutely amazing so far, and Elevate Status has evidently kept up with all the trends in evolving with us and supporting our business growth."

- Co-Founder & Head of Marketing and Social Media

The Elevate Status Strategy

Website Optimization

It was evident that our client's previous SEO provider conducted a satisfiable on-page sweep. When Elevate Status came aboard however, we noticed multiple unoptimized product pages, image congestion and unoptimized loading practices on larger landing pages causing slow loading speeds, and an out-of-date XML sitemap, among other issues. We suspect that the noticed issues are partially attributable to an incomplete website optimization campaign from our client's previous SEO provider, and also partially attributable to the additional website expansion between when our client was investing in their previous SEO provider and when we came aboard.

Keyword Strategizing

We revolved creating and implementing a holistic keyword strategy centered around keywords with elevated buying intent and ranking potential. We researched and carefully selected thematically-grouped target keywords that had high search volumes and ranking potential given our client's position. Many of our selected keywords were consistenly dominated by a revolving few big industry names, but our client was nonetheless determined to break through the ranks. Our team proceeded to optimize the technical elements and webpage content of the respective pages for our target keywords.

74 competitive keyphrases in top position

Keystone Content Blogging

Maintaining an informative and high-quality blog goes a long way to impacting your website rankings and traffic. Our client already had a blog with huge ranking and traffic-driving potential, but was not properly capitalizing on that potential. Our specialists firstly re-optimized the technical elements of their blog pages to ensure future stability. Our team also carefully researched and planned individual keyword strategies for each of our client's top blog posts by intertwining blog-specific keyphrases with our client's overall high search volume keywords. We then augmented our client's top blog pages for both individual and thematically-linked keywords to supplement their overall site rankings. Finally, we systematically identified industry inquiries and qualified trends, and proceeded to create, maintain, and augment additional high-quality blog content for our client.

Link Building

Backlinks dominate the off-page SEO space, immensely impacting both website rankings and website authority. Our specialists employed their creative and personable backlink building process to systematically secure dozens of high-quality backlinks from industry-relevant and trustworthy referring domains to further supplement our client's existing backlink profile. Our specialists also maintained exact keyword anchor phrases targeting our keywords and their respective landing pages to further supplement our keyword strategies.

Our Results

79% increase in organic traffic

151,170 organic monthly traffic

3,252% organic ROI

$2.5 million annual revenue

Client Success

As an up-and-coming ecommerce jewelry brand, our client made the right decision investing in Elevate Status SEO to increase their business growth. We demonstrated to our client the impacts of SEO done right, and were able to further accelerate them down their road towards success. By combining a large-scale website optimization campaign with various keyword, blogging, and backlink strategies, our team was able to deliver a 3,252% ROI on our client's SEO investment, and propel our client to a $2.5 million average annual profit. Our client has been absolutely elated by their organic domination, and has opted to discontinue their search engine ads in order to further expand their SEO efforts and outreach on other social media platforms.

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