Keyword Strategizing

Keyword strategies lie at the cornerstone of every successful SEO campaign. Our proprietary keyword research, strategizing, and implementation strategies drive real business impact and results.

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Keyword Strategizing Fundamentals

What is it?

Keyword research and strategizing refer to the process of selecting keywords that search engine users type that would best benefit your business traffic and revenue. Our SEO team develops your custom keyword strategy from a multitude of factors such as keyword difficulty, keyword search volume, your business niche and business goals, and keyword search intent.

Why is it important?

At its core, keyword strategizing might be one of - if not the most - important component of every successful SEO campaign. Without a laser-focused keyword strategy, you're also operating in the dark when it comes to SEO components like on-page optimization and web copywriting. By strategically targeting the right keywords at the right times, you can optimize your business growth and revenue across the board.

Our Work

Keyword Research

Because each business targets specific audiences with unique search intentions and habits, it's important to analyze and understand the intentions and mindset of your target audience when implementing SEO keyword strategies. Our team approaches your keyword research and mapping by analyzing keywords that match your target search intent, search volume, keyword difficulty, competition levels, and conversion potential. For example, we would adopt a broad-based keyword strategy with dozens of secondary keywords per webpage for a larger company, while focusing on small, niche, and high-conversion keywords for a smaller business. Our team also keeps an eye out for any low-hanging fruit to easily capture, convert, and boost your rankings with.

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Our Work

Keyword Implementation

On-site keyword optimization occurs in a variety of places - primarily in your web content. When it comes to keyword implementation, there are a variety of best practices that our SEO team keeps in mind when keyword-optimizing your website including various metadata keyword guidelines and the standard 2% keyword density. When it comes to web content, our specialists will also re-optimize your existing content, as well as create new, valuable, and optimized content for your webpages.

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