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How Elevate Status dominated 46x more monthly traffic for a residential landscape architecture business

Client Background

Our client is a leading and multi-awarded residential landscape architecture business with numerous landscaping projects around their city and the greater surrounding area. Our client offers a full range of landscaping services including external design, landscape construction, maintenance, and more. Our client had previously been securing clients through local reputation and client referrals, but referrals can only sustain a local business for so long, and their client stream simply was not large enough to meet their aspirations. Although our client had a website for several years prior to partnering with Elevate Status, traffic was appallingly low and it was not creating any impact on their business.

Client Review

"Investing in Elevate Status has probably been one of the best online business decisions I've made thus far."

- Owner & Chief Landscaper

The Elevate Status Strategy

Website Optimization

Our first step was to thoroughly audit our client's website. We inspected every element of their website including various on-page and technical factors, site architecture, page speed, and more. We noticed that their website contained mostly unoptimized URL taglines, lacked many navigational and contextual elements like footer links, and included numerous pages of unoptimized technical and content-related elements among a host of other issues. In addition to re-optimizing our client's website, our team also integrated Google Analytics and Google Search Console into their website - must have tools if you want to track your website performance.

Keyword Strategies

Our team also began identifying and selecting keywords that would be most beneficial to our client, especially keywords that indicate readiness-to-buy and any potential low-hanging fruit that we could immediately capitalize on to boost our client's rankings. These keywords were thematically grouped, and existing pages of their website were identified to target those thematically grouped keywords. Our specialists also created additional new webpages to enhance the overall navigational structure, and to add additional material to target these keywords with. We also optimized various other technical and on-page elements for our keywords. Examples of target keyphrases include:

garden design rates XXXX

hire landscaper XXXX

garden designers XXXX

landscapers XXXX

garden landscaping XXXX

landscaping design XXXX

landscape design cost XXXX

landscape cost XXXX

hire landscape designer XXXX

outdoor design XXXX

landscape designers XXXX

XXXX garden design

landscaping cost XXXX

XXXX landscaping

Off-Page SEO

Our team also rigorously expanded our client's local reputation, authority, and credibility by manually securing organic backlinks from high-authority blogs and publications in their local and greater local area. We also set up our client's business profiles on dozens of reputable listings and citations such as Google My Business, Bing Local, and others while maintaining a laser-consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and other information across the board. Creating and maintaining local citations and listings were essential to supplementing our client's website authority and providing our client with an avenue to expand their lead flow and to engage with local customers.

Our Results

1,601 website visits after just 1 month

97 keywords on page 1

46x more local traffic by month 12

Client Success

You know a business is on their way to local domination when they are ranking on page 1 for 97 keywords, and are generating 46x more local traffic compared to the previous year. By combining an extensive on-page optimization campaign with an aggressive geo-specific keywords and off-page SEO strategy, we were able to efficiently and effectively scale our client's local visibility at a hugely positive ROI. Our client actually created a new company department - Commercial Landscaping Services - to cater to their sharp influx of new leads and customers. With a local presence to match their professional services, our client can finally invest in the future of their business and expand their company footprint.

Client Success

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