Authentic Pizzeria

How Elevate Status obtained a 1,054% increase in local traffic for an authentic local Italian pizzeria

Client Background

Our client moved to a major city in the United States after perfecting their culinary skills in their native region of Sicily, Italy. Upon moving to the States, our client quickly realized that their local dining scene was missing a crucial element - authentic Italian pizza. Luckily for local pizza lovers, our client wasted no time in building and investing into their brand new Italian pizzeria. Our client's initial grand opening generated enough buzz to maintain profitable operations for the first two months, but as revenue and customers soon trickled, our client realized that without a way to generate long-term customers, their initial success would not last. As an up-and-coming Italian restaurant in a competitive local environment, our client was fast to take action in investing in Elevate Status SEO to elevate their discoverability in local search results, a critical component to the survival and growth of our client's business. Our goal after coming aboard was to implement a strategy that optimizes the client's existing website, dominates local keywords, and generates qualified foot traffic to our client's physical establishment

Client Review

"The first few months after opening shop really drove home the importance of having a reliable and consistent way to drive people to our business. We soon started struggling to turn over positive profits. With Elevate Status, we were able to gradually reverse that trend. The Elevate Status team helped us realize how helpful a large local online presence could be towards to the success of our business. With their technical expertise, the Elevate Status team transparently explained to us each of their steps, optimized elements of our website that we've never even heard of before, developed a great keyword strategy, and helped increase our local rankings online.

Our campaign manager was also extremely proactive and friendly in explaining our campaign process to us, and answering any SEO questions we had in detail. Our campaign manager also gave us recommendations for the steps we should take to maintain our local online presence. Overall, our experience with the Elevate Status team was nothing short of extremely helpful. They were amazing in helping us out of a tough spot and helping our business grow"

- Owner 

The Elevate Status Strategy

Technical Website Audit

As with any professional SEO campaign, our first step was to thoroughly audit our client's existing website, including various on-page elements, content-related issues, the internal linking structure, and more. Because our client had little prior web design experience and had not previously hired an SEO company other than Elevate Status, there were a host of issues to fix, ranging from low performing meta descriptions and abhorrently slow load speeds on select landing pages to an illogical internal linking structure and general copy issues.

Keyword Strategizing

Unlike organic SEO campaigns which target large-scale keywords, local SEO campaigns target high reward, geo-specific keywords to rank highly amongst local SERPs. Our specialists carefully researched, grouped, and selected a host of keywords with different search volumes to develop a local keyword strategy grounded upon specific search intent and high buying urgency. As the local dining scene, despite competitve, was relatively short on pizza places and even shorter on direct specialty competitors, we were also able to identify a host of low-hanging keywords without overbearing competitiveness but nonetheless held high ranking capabilities. For example, our team would focus on keywords such as "keyword + location" and "pizza place near me". From there, our team began optimizing the technical elements and content of our client's respective target wabpages.

Local Visibility Strategies

Setting up local business review sites and citations are crucial to elevating the discoverability of any local business. Our team organized and set up our client's restaurant on dozens of the top industry-relevant, high-reward local citations such as Google My Business, Bing Local, Yellowpages, and more. Keeping in mind the importance of maintaining a laser-consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and other information, our team also created and maintained a consistent NAP across the board. Business review sites and local citations were not only crucial to elevating our client's local discoverability, but also important for compounding their field credibility in the eyes of potential customers. Business review sites and local citations also provide a distinct avenue of communication and establishing trust between our client and their potential customers.

Link Building

Just like for organic SEO, backlinks also dominate the local off-page SEO industry, and are a similarly crucial component to ranking highly on local SERPs. However, for local businesses, it is important to target geo-specific backlinks as opposed to backlinks from referring domains with a geographically larger audience. Our specialists organically secured dozens of geo-specific, high authority backlinks from authoritative and trustworthy referring local blogs and publications, each linking to specific anchor keyphrases designed to further supplement our client's increasing keyword rankings. 

Our Results

1,058 GMB inquiries by month 3

38% of target keywords on page 1

10 keywords in the #1 spot

1,054% increase in local traffic

Client Success

Building local authority from scratch is tough, especially if your business is the "new guy on the block". However, our client was determined to establish themselves locally as the one-stop-shop for authentic Italian pizza. Trusting in our experience paid off for our client. By utilizing a strong geo-specific campaign strategy, we were able to quickly scale our client's local authority and presence at a profit for them. Within just 6 months, our client's website was dominating local search at levels they never would have previously imagined, and their local authority, business visibility, and revenue stream have all increased dramatically. With a dominant online presence to match their beautiful restaurant and authentic cuisine, our client can comfortably continue to invest in the future of their business, both online and offline.

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