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On-Page SEO Fundamentals

What is it?

On-page SEO represents the process of optimizing elements on your website that directly affect how users and search engines perceive your webpages. On-page SEO includes factors such as perfecting metadata, creating user-friendly content, optimizing website code, and more.

Why is it important?

On-site elements directly impact how search engines and users perceive your webpages. Without a strong and optimized website, not only does it become harder to increase your search engine rankings, but other SEO strategies such as content creation and link building will fall short of delivering on their true growth potential.

Our Work

Technical Optimization

Our approach to technical on-page optimization is simple and effective. After our strategiests run your comprehensive preliminary web analysis, we get to work optimizing your website technical elements from top to bottom. Our SEO team covers issues such as:

  • Section headers
  • Webpage metadata
  • Multimedia usage
  • Keyword density
  • Internal linking structure
  • Website structure
  • Content optimization

A 2-second delay in webpage load time increases bounce rates by 103%.

Our Work

Keyword Implementation

When it comes to on-page keyword strategy implementation, our specialists focus on a multitude of factors. Our SEO team adopts a strategy of loosely adhering to a standard 2% keyword density ratio while splashing in long-tail variations as they fit. Our team also recognizes that keyword density falls second to content value and accessibility, meaning that our web content strategies are value-first, keyword-second. Our specialists also incorporate other SEO keyword best practices such as including target keywords in your metadata and URLs, in the first and/or last sentence of posts, and as they strategically fit throughout your webpages.

Our Work

Internal Linking Structure

When it comes to your internal linking structure, our specialists primarily focus on logical linking structures that offer users friendly, but not overbearing methods of diving deeper into your web content. We also incorporate a strategy of linking from your webpages with high traffic and rankings to the webpages you want to rank. And although keyword-rich anchor text is a red flag for inbound links, emphasizing using keyword-rich internal linking anchor text helps establish contextual and topical relevance for search engines.

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