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How Elevate Status dominate an 857% increase in organic users for a young professionals magazine

Client Background

Launched in 2016, our client was an online magazine founded by a career professional who experienced firsthand the difficulties of starting a successful career. They also realized that there was little actionable advice written for young professionals just starting their careers from successful young professionals. Our client started their online magazine with the purpose of providing a platform where young professionals could browse through the experiences and advice of each other to gain inspiration for paving their way towards their own success. Soon after, Elevate Status came aboard to help elevate our client's magazine to new heights.

For an up-and-coming magazine like our client, the ultimate goal is increasing dedicated readership. As an online magazine without a print version, being discoverable via organic search was critical to the survival and growth of our client. When Elevate Status joined the team, our client's website already existed with great content, but lacked a targeted keyword strategy. Our client also lacked an expansive backlink profile, a necessary component to developing and maintaining their online authority and discoverability. 

Client Review

"Our experience with Elevate Status has been nothing short of amazing. I've fielded dozens of SEO agencies for a variety of purposes and not many can match the expertise and personable nature that the Elevate Status team exhibits."

- Founder, Owner

The Elevate Status Strategy - Organic SEO with a Local Twist

Keyword Strategizing

Our client was an online magazine without a print version. We typically run organic campaigns for online-based organizations and businesses to compete for a national and international, industry-relevant audience. We typically reserve geo-specific local SEO campaigns and keyword strategies for businesses focused on generating foot traffic around a specific geo-location. 

For our client however, in addition to implementing minor website optimization practices, our team researched and carefully created a keyword strategy focusing on keywords that were primarily local and of lower search volumes because they were much easier to rank for, and would allow us to build authority for our client much faster while driving similarly qualified traffic to their website. After scaling our client's online presence with local keywords to begin with, we then started focusing on ranking for the extremely competitive organic keywords that demanded national and international audiences.

Within 2 months, we had 11 local keywords on the first page, with 5 keywords in the top spot. Just 2 months later, we had 13 keywords on the first page, with 7 keywords in the top spot, and we were beginning to see substantial movement from our larger, organic keywords. Fast forward another few months, and our client was on the first page for multiple highly competitve organic keywords, and was exploding with new viewership and organic users.

Link Building

In addition to our comprehensive keyword targeting strategy and other SEO work, our team also organically secured dozens of industry-relevant backlinks from reputable referring domains for our client. Each of our value-driven backlinks were designed to positively supplement our client's backlink profile, increase our client's website authority, and convert qualified leads to our client's relevant inner pages.

Our Results

75 average new readers per day

103% increase in traffic by month 3

857% increase in organic users

Client Success

Nationally ranking any website from scratch is tough, especially if you are a brand new online magazine. But with a passionate goal of helping young professionals, our client was determined to succeed. Trusting our SEO expertise paid off for our client. Within a year, their website was ranking locally and nationally for dozens of highly competitive keywords they never would have dreamed of ranking for, and their reader count and community had both increased dramatically. When an online magazine can be discovered anywhere in the country via 1st page organic search, it marks the beginning of their path to success. By combining a strong keyword campaign with a laser-focused backlink campaign, we were able to quickly turn a new online magazine into the next up-and-coming, nationally discoverable platform for young professionals.

Client Success

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